Yankee Mike and Tammy - Owners

Yankee and his wife Tammy Pulkkinen own and run the day to day operations of Yankees Tavern. 





Red (Diane) - Cook

Red has been with us for many years now. She is a great cook and we value having her as a team leader.






Shawn - 

Shawn is one of Yankee and Tammy's sons... he maintains the grounds and fills in where help is needed.







 Amanda - Bartender

 Amanda has been with us for a while now and is an excellent employee. She recently moved, but drives back every weekend to work the evening shifts.





Nyomi - Bartender

Nyomi has been with us since mid August and is one of our main bartenders. Always willing to put in extra effort and eager to help with anything you need, just ask.


Traci - Bartender

Traci has been a bartender at Yankees for a while now... definitely an anchor when the storm is coming. Always has a story or two to tell and knows most everybody by name. 

Tara- Bartender

A very cheerful bartender that normally has something interesting to talk about if you engage her in conversation. She is relatively new, but has caught on very quickly.

Aly- Bartender

Our newest bartender is catching on very quickly. Feel free to give her a hard time about being the new girl, she can take it...